About us

Founded in 2007, Office Relax is the first company to offer on-site office chair massage in Sofia. With more than 80 corporate clients we are the biggest provider of this service in Bulgaria. Over 30 professional Kinesitherapists take care of our clients’ needs.

We have developed a specialized office massage involving the use of a specialized massage chair and have combined it with mobility, attractive prices and the professionalism of our Kinesitherapists. This is how we have turned the office massage into a popular and wanted service in Sofia.

Our Service

The main aim of our service is to alleviate the effects of work-related stress in the office, both mental and physical, and thus bring in more comfort, health and productivity at the working place.

Our 15-minute therapeutic–recreation office massages are performed on a specialized massage chair TAOline Vital, and meet the personal needs of the employees.

They combine elements of the traditional massage with modern relaxation, therapeutic, sport-and-recreation techniques.

The Benefits Of Our Service

The office massage is both pleasent and beneficial. It is good and useful for everyone in the office, regardless of position. It brings benefits both to the employees and the business / organization as a whole.

For The Employees

• Relieves stress
• Boosts the immune function and one’s overall vitality while improving the blood and lymph circulation
• Relieves muscle – skeleton tension and pain (in the neck, back and shoulder areas, as well as in the wrists)
• Relieves such symptoms as headache, hypertonia, insomnia, anxiety, fatigue
• Improves the ability to concentrate
• Increases the level of endorphin or the so called happiness hormone

For The Business / Organization

• More productive and motivated employees
• Healthier emploees, less absenteeism
• More loyal employees
• More effective retention of talents
• Better atmosphere in the office

Service coverage

Sofia, Bulgaria

Invite us

Invite us for free four-hour demonstration in your office!

Our Kinesitherapists will demonstrate our chair massage service on site, so that you can get an instant idea of its quality.

Let us make you healthier, happier and invigorate you to further success!